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DJ and Producer


Roum is an up-and-coming musician, producer and DJ, known for his unique blend of Techno and melodic Tech beats. As a producer and musician, Roum discovered his passion for electronic music early in his career and began performing as a DJ in local clubs in his hometown of Aarau.

His first release of the song “WTF?” was a resounding success and established Roum as a promising new artist in the scene. His music is known for its fat drops and beautiful melodies that create a unique atmosphere and captivate the audience.

As a close collaborator of the renowned Roda Studios in Cham, Roum works hard to develop his sound and skills as an artist. With his unique musical vision and tireless dedication, Roum has already built a loyal following and is on his way to becoming one of the most significant names in the Techno scene.

Whether on stage as a DJ or in the studio as a producer, Roum is always looking for new ways to express his artistic vision. His unwavering belief in the power of music and his pursuit of excellence have earned him numerous awards and recognition, and he continues his journey as a musician and artist with passion and enthusiasm.

Releases of Roum


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