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Grant Dean

DJ and Producer


In these volatile times, success stories come and go with shocking regularity. At only 18 years old, however, Grant Dean has proven his ability to read audiences with his music and talent, to captivate the masses. He has already stood with renowned artists such as Tiesto, David Guetta, Axwell and many others on the same stage. This speaks volumes about his talent, maturity and vision. vision. With his diverse electronic music taste from EDM to Tech-House, he fascinated stadiums full of people or even exclusive small venues like party boats or nightclubs. 2011 and at the age of 18 was the year when the first big gigs came. Besides his appearance at the New Year’s Eve Extravaganza at the Hallenstadion Zurich, when he held the midnight show in front of more than 13’000 visitors, he was the official face of the Silvester Extravaganza compilation which was distributed by EMI Records Ltd. by EMI Records Ltd. In the following year he performed at the Streetparade Zurich, Energy Streetparade Afterparty, Nature One Festival (GER) and many more as well as in famous nightclubs all over Switzerland.

The whole story with music started as a teenager, when the interest was aroused after his older brother very sporadically in the youth center of his hometown practiced the craft of DJ’s. After a few years of practice behind closed doors, he decided to take his first steps in public at the age of 16. with success, after only 2 years the big appearances followed. Nevertheless, he was not satisfied, he kept a cool head and carefully chose his next step, he started his own music. he began to compose his own music. He invested a lot of time in learning the software and the software and music composition and also made contacts with other music producers, which are still an are still an important part of his environment. During this period, however, his manager suddenly distanced himself from the music business, and Grant Dean went quiet. This sudden setback and thus withdrawal from the nightlife, gave him the time to reinvent himself and spend and invest more time in music production. A few years passed, he found a great team of people team who all share the same goal, to present their music to the whole world.

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