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DJ and Producer


Ceavora is a producer, pianist and songwriter based in Switzerland. His passion for music started at the age of eight with the piano. He discovered the world of music production at 15 and has ever since composed and produced songs. The versatility in form of composing in styles of EDM, RnB, Pop or even Jazz provides his tracks with several touches from different genres.

In 2017 Ceavora debuted with the tropical house single “All I Could See Was the Sunlight” ft. Daniela Wildi. Under the supervision of ECHO Jazz award winner Max Frankl, the first album “walkinghomeaftertwelve” came to market in 2019. A year later, in collaboration with Simon Miles and gold-awarded DJ FreeG, “Falling” hit the German iTunes charts and ever since then Ceavora received attention outside of Switzerland. Together with Simon Miles, Ceavora’s latest release “Who We Are” is gearing up for new heights!

Releases of Ceavora


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